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 Protecting consumers online since February 18th, 1993

MicroSmarts LLC was started in 1993 with the mission to protect consumer privacy. The founder of our company ( an honored professional in the National Directory of Who's Who's in Executives and Professionals ) wanted to build an organization with the reputation for new innovations and great services to benefit all consumers.

Which is why our corporation has developed some of the most powerful & famous
consumer protection software programs on the market today, including:

Popup Begone - Popup Blocker
No Trace - Privacy Enforcer
Spyware Begone - Ultimate Privacy Protector

In fact, MicroSmarts LLC is fighting the way against Spyware & HomePage Hi-Jackers.
Click here to see what we are doing to stop CWS - COOL SEARCH {About.Blank}

INFORMATION ABOUT CWS: CWS (Cool Search), otherwise known as About.Blank is a Home Page Browser Hi-Jack that takes over your Internet and sometimes E-Mail.  It shows you popups that takes you to a search listing page listing many Anti-Spyware companies and "recently we learned they now will take you directly to an Anti Spyware Company Website.  They are doing this to cause consumers to become angry with the very same companies designed to help them and waste company resources in explaining this situation to each consumer.   CWS is the ENEMY Adware Infection and we are not affiliated with them. 

"Click here to read what is going on and what is being done to stop them".

MicroSmarts LLC is located at
700 Commerce Drive, Suite 500,
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Company Phone #: 1-708-283-0830 M-F 9AM-5PM
Company Fax #: 1-708-283-0743


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