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Protect yourself and your PC from the fastest growing threat to your privacy.

There is a very strong chance that your computer is infected with Spyware at this very moment without you knowing it.  Your computer could have been infected by spyware during online activities such as:  Downloading music, photos, shareware programs, popup ads, via email or by even visiting some websites that use Active X coding to insert Spyware Parasites onto your computer.

Spyware is now considered even more dangerous than Viruses because a Virus can make you lose data, however Spyware not only can result in data corruption, personal profiling, hacker attacks, pop-up ads, spying, but also identity theft.


The Federal Trade Commission reported on Sept 3, 2003 that in the past 5 years alone, there has been over 27.3 Million Identity Theft Victims in the U.S. with over 5 Billion in out of pocket losses.

Spyware can easily bypass your Anti-Virus and Firewall Protection programs by piggybacking on legitimate downloads in order to secretly install on your computer system without your knowledge.

Spyware Begone will protect you by scanning your entire computer system against a database of thousands of known spyware threats and then alert you to any infections found.  It will also provide you with a detailed report and clean any infections found.

Click here to download Spyware Begone Free-Spyware Scanner.

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