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5 Star Award Winner
Spyware Infection Scanner

I am so impressed with
Spyware Begone!  Not only
is it a great way to add
security to your system, you
can block spies from ever
hiding in your computer
.  I also think the
spycookies removal a great
addition to this program. 
Now I don't have to wipe my
history of those nasties
anymore.  Just 2 clicks
(scan/remove) and they are
removed from my history.

Pau J. Parkinson



Wish I'd gotten this program
much sooner. I would have
saved money
I lost from a
dialer that was planted in
my computer. Thank you,

Dahn Shaulis


More Testimonials

You got it.. Your the best.

I tried Norton & several
others. They could not find
the Virus,
but your program
did. Thank you for making
Spyware Begone.

Dale Sowder


More Testimonials

You guys rock!
Thanks very much.

Hi, I sincerely wanted to thank
you for creating such a tool.
It is nice to know the
 "Good Guys" are out there
working hard too.  Too often
we are slowed down or
crippled by the bad guys.

Dannette Hoffman


(File Size: 2.3 MB - Download Time: Approx 5 Min with 56K Modem.)

Install now and Speed up your PC, Stop Popups, plus
say Goodbye to Spyware / Adware forever.

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Here is what some recent downloaders had to say!

Hi, I want to let you know
that I had 114 spies on
my computer
.  Thank you
for this program. Now it is
safer to surf the net.

Marie White
I got the update and it
took care of everything
.  Thank you so much, I was ready to throw this PC
out of the window.

Carole Marquis

I downloaded and ran the
program and according to it,
my PC was loaded with
junk.  It appears to have
worked and my PC is
a lot faster.

Spencer T. Selph

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Thanks for giving me my
computer back
.  Before
downloading you're program
it was almost impossible to
use.  Now it is trouble free.

Fred Strojny

Many thanks for Spyware
Begone.  My PC had no
infections, however I feel
better safe than sorry!

Luke Beamish

I recently downloaded this on
my computer and much to
my surprise I had 188 Spies
My PC is much faster now &
I highly recommend this.

Trina Webb

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Hey, I just want to thank
you guys for a great product.
The testimonials were
.  Hope you keep up
the good work.

Michael Lockwood
Dear Sir: It has speeded
up my computer 10 times
with less problems.
Thanks again for your assistance.  Respectfully,

Thomas Wilmoth
Thank you Spyware Begone,
I am really happy with your program.  It is fun to use,
quick and really keeps
my PC clean and safe

Tania M Terlecky

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Excellent Software!  This
one really works fast and
it was easy to download.


Helbin A. Lantigua

When my PC slows down,
I just run the scan and hit
clean and my problem
are gone!!!
  On my first
scan, I had over 500

Cynthia Bonaparte
I loaded Spyware Begone
and it has done it's job of getting rid of

Rev. Eden Bloch Jr.


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I just wanted to say thanks
for a good product.  Before
I got spyware begone, I
was geting a lot of pages
can't be displayed.  Now
pages open up faster

Joy Edwards

A friend of mine became
infected extremely bad and
I used my copy of the
program on their CPU. 
The results were very
to me.

Bill Regan

Thanks for coming up with
this program.
It is nice to
know that someone out
there is thinking about
these kind of things! 
Keep up the good work.

Cathy Olson

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More Testimonials

I have been going round and
round for 2 weeks trying to
get rid of 25 adware files on
my PC.  I could identify the
files, but nothing I did would
delete them.  Symantec
(Norton) was no help

In 10 minutes you have
deleted all of that junk and
my PC is working again!
No more WinNet error messages.

You can have anyone
contact me and I will
sing your praises.

Karen Amedeo







It actually works!  I have
never thought it would
work this good.  After I
install it, I no longer have
any popups.

Rubin Chen
Let me tell you, I have tried
all sorts of spyware
eliminating programs but
Spyware Begone is the
best.  Easy to use and fun.

Rick Burden

This is a very good
that blocks
spies from entering
into my system.

Denise Piche

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I am very pleased with the
efficiency and scope of the
protection provided by
Spyware Begone.

John T. McCabe

  It has
made a huge difference in
the performance of my PC.

Ellen Shouse

Computer runs better,
no more annoying things happening.  For example:
Pop up Ads out of
nowhere, etc..

Wendy Rose

Prevent Crashing Computer -  Click Here & then on OPEN

I am a new user and I like
the simplicity of Spyware
Begone.  It zapped more
spyware than the former
SBG.  Thanks so much for
your update, the system
is running perfectly

Marianne Vassallo

Spyware Begone is really
so easy and quick to use
Since I started with it, I no
longer have any spyware on
my system and it makes
surfing the net a real

Harold Chapman

I can not begin to thank you
for the fantastic results I've
seen after running Spyware
Begone.  I had over 230
infections in my computer
that made even the simple
task of typing this note
almost impossible. 
Again, thank you so much.

David Roland

Prevent Data Corruption -  Click Here & then on OPEN

One of the best utility
I found to protect & clean
my system with unwanted
cookies and adware.

Viqar A. Usmani

Great!!!  My computer
runs so much more
 Thank you

Tom Sears

A very good program
and very easy to use.

Norman Confer


More Testimonials

Finally something
that works

I tried a very popular freeware
adblocker on my old PC and
I found myself having to do a
whole disk recovery.  When
I bought a new computer, I
thought if I would just stay
away from those software
sites that are known to
bundle together some
spyware and adware with
their product, I'll be fine. 

All it takes is one wrong
click or wander off the
direction to far and if you're
not paying attention, you
can download some really
ugly little adware programs.

My new computer got one
and before I new it there
would be 8 ads opened and
new ones opening all the time
interrupting what I was doing. 
I downloaded this program
and it wiped them all clean
and has kept my system
running smooth ever since.

Barrett Teele


Prevent Slowing down of PC -  Click Here & then on OPEN
After installing the program,
it found 170 spy files and
deleted them.  Now, even
with high speed cable
connection, my PC is
.  The program did
exactly what it said it
would do.  Thanks

Robert Borries

Peace of mind.  I feel
more in control of my
abilities to keep my PC
safe from "Spies". 
Thank you for a great product.

Societal Fringe

Your new Spyware Begone
found more infections &
cleaned all
.  Thank you

Charles Belden


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When I almost lost my new
laptop to Spyware,
something that I was not
even familiar with, I learned
really fast that something
had to be done and
done now.
 Thank you
Spyware Begone!

Terri E. Frost

I am so happy to know that
my worries are over.  Before
Spyware Begone, I was
always worried that
something would infect
my computer.
  Thanks to
Spyware Begone I feel

Brenda Williams

Thank you for your assistance
& let me tell you it was not
funny knowing that 105
spywares and adwares
were in my PC.
  But it's
good to know that with your
Spyware Begone program
all are gone. 

Thanks a million - Juan Ortiz


Prevent all of the above listed "Prevents" that comes
due to Spyware / Adware Infections.

To start your free scan, Click Here & then on OPEN or RUN.


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